Dag André Gimle Johansen

Dag André Johansen I CEO Ferno Norden Group
Phone: +47 905 90 000

Dag André is CEO for Ferno Norden Group and majority shareholder in Ferno Norden Group and RAC Invest / RAC Group.

Grethe Harr

Grethe Harr I CFO Ferno Norden Group
Phone: +47 919 92 249

Grethe is CFO for the Ferno Norden Group responsible for shared service finance functions being accounting, finance, audit, salary, currency and MDR. The number of companies within the group managed by shared finance functions is currently 14 companies.

John Erik Nilsen 

John Erik Nilsen I Financial Advisor -Ferno Norden Group
Financial Advisor 
Phone: +47 982 07095

John Erik is shareholder and board member and advising the group in financial, tax and accounting questions. John Erik have been chartered accountant in Norway being a part of Ernst & Young for many years as partner and Managing Partner. John Erik have been a part of RAC system, the owner of Ferno Norden Group since 2010.

Steinar Bøhn

Steinar Bøhn I Supply & Logistics Manager- Ferno Norden Group
Supply & Logistics Manager
Phone: +47 330 34 500

Steinar is responsible for shared supply and logistics for the group including the Nordic warehouse in Norway. Steinar is also responsible for managing the companies ERP system and work together with our IT partners.

                    Pierre Kördel                 Kent Juul Østberg

               Torgeir Løge​                Dan Thomas Harila