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Ferno Norden Group is a distributor of a large number of global brands manufacturing products to either save lives or manufacture safety products to prevent critical situations. Our partners/suppliers are both in the manufacturing industry of pre-hospital products with a focus on emergency and rescue, but also products for public safety and healthcare users. We have a product portfolio that is developed over decades and based on the requirements and needs of our customers. It is important that the equipment is safe, ergonomic and field-like, which means that it must function under varying and sometimes difficult conditions. Our goal is to offer our customers a solution meaning that we combine products from several suppliers creating a emergency/safety solution for our customers.

Below is a short presentation of some of our most important partners.

FERNO International

Ferno International is a family-owned company with roots in the USA, today Ferno is a global network. The company started in 1955 with a focus on ergonomic stretcher solutions for the funeral industry. Today, Ferno is a world leader in innovative solutions for patient handling, rescue and safety. Ferno has production in all parts of the world and constantly develops new solutions in close cooperation with its users. Ambulance stretchers, funeral stretchers, litter chairs/stair chairs, rescue stretchers, products for movement restriction and much more can be found in their product portfolio.
Our company Ferno Norden Military Systems in addition have a really close co-operation with Ferno Military and Aviation division. 

New partners Ferno Military


Ferno Aviation & Ferno Military

Welcome to Ferno Aviation & Military. We are a small group of Product Designers, Engineers, Machinists and Subject Matter Experts with different backgrounds that drive our passion. We wake each day inspired to design, tinker, cut metal and get dirty in the process. We take great pride in thinking outside of the box and offering end users custom high-performance Aeromedical and mission specific Casualty Evacuation and Field Care solutions.

Partners Ferno Military



AB Germa

AB Germa is a Swedish company with a focus on solutions within movement limitation, ergonomics and safety. The products from Germa are world class and are always developed together with the users. High function and high quality are their signature. Vacuum mattresses, vacuum splints and emergency mattresses are some of their best-known products.

Partners Ferno Military




Whelen started in 1952 in the USA and is a world leader in warning lights and sirens. Whelen develops and produces its products entirely themselves, and quality and function are of the utmost importance. All warning light products must of course be approved according to existing regulations, but Whelen goes even further and places higher demands on its products in terms of, among other things, EMC interference. Which appeals to several of our users who have high demands and vehicles with other sensitive equipment that must not be disturbed. More and more emergency vehicles are becoming technologically advanced, and the demands on the equipment are increasing accordingly. Warning lights from Whelen are usually the obvious choice for these customers.

New partners Ferno Military



ViTri Medical

Vitri Medical is a Swedish company that manufactures dressing materials and bags for healthcare. Vitri Medical is constantly developing new products and always in close collaboration with its users. Good and functional dressing materials and bags used by hospitals, ambulances, emergency services and the police.

Partners Ferno Military



Traverse Rescue 

Traverse Rescue specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing professional rescue devices that are used to access and transport patients safely, primarily during search and rescue operations. Traverse Rescue products are developed through direct communication and interaction with various groups of rescue professionals. They pride their ability and track record of producing innovative designs along with the highest quality of workmanship.

New partners Ferno Military




Tetcon is a company based in the Netherlands that develops products for evacuation in all environments. Their motto "Leave no one behind" means that everyone must be able to quickly be evacuated in an ergonomic and safe way in the event of e.g. a fire.

Partners Ferno Military



Thomas EMS

Thomas EMS is an American manufacturer of professional medical bags. Their bag systems are known worldwide and appreciated for their high quality and functionality.

Partners Ferno Military



Stop Stick

StopStick is an American manufacturer of products to quickly and safely stop fleeing vehicles. Being able to stop a vehicle at high speed in a safe and controlled manner and at the same time being safe and easy to use is a combination that only StopStick has succeeded in. The nail mats from StopStick are highly appreciated by users around the world.

Partners Ferno Military




Triopan is a Swiss company that primarily develops products for a safer working environment for the professional groups that work on the roads. Warning signs, barrier tape and warning lights are some of their basic products. The collapsible warning signs (Warning Tent) are their original product and despite strong competition from copies, the quality of Triopan is still unbeatable and therefore still a first choice for the emergency services who often have to work in difficult conditions and where the function and visibility can be vital.

Partners Ferno Military



AP Services

AP Services’ mission is to reduce the loss of life and limbs, and increase the treatment options for people whose lives or healthcare are in danger, by developing and delivering pre-hospital emergency- and tactical medical equipment, solutions and advice

Partners Ferno Military



LaserTech LTI

Laser Tech products calculate distance by measuring the time of flight of very short pulses of infrared light. This differs from the traditional surveying instrument method of measuring phase shifts by comparing the incoming wavelength with the phase of the outgoing light.
LaserTech´s mission is equipping professionals with smart measurement solutions to create a safer world.

Partners Ferno Military